17 февраля 2017
"1C" announced an increase in sales of its main product
Growth in sales of the 1C: Enterprise product, according to the developer, was 15.5% in rubles. 1C announces 191 one choice cases in 2016 of 1C: Enterprise instead of foreign ERP and 26 cases of migration from foreign ERP to 1C solutions.
13 февраля 2017
Interest in products of the “1C: Enterprise” system is growing in Azerbaijan
1C with the participation of 1CAFA (1C Association of Franchisee of Azerbaijan) held for users and partners a business conference "1C: Enterprise is an effective automation tool for Azerbaijani companies." The conference was attended by over 140 representatives of the management team and specialists of companies of the Republic of Azerbaijan. began to introduce a typical quality system franchisee 1C
25 января 2017
To improve the quality of work, our company becomes a participant in the implementation of a quality management system (QMS) in 1C partner firms on the basis of a typical franchisee quality system (TSCF).
12 января 2017
"Rostec" creates a megasystem of financial management and procurement at 1C
Rostec is ready to spend more than half a billion on a unified management system for its financial and procurement activities. “1C” was chosen as a platform.

20 декабря 2016
Company participated in the international exhibition Bakutel 2016.
28 октября 2016
Sales of 1C: Enterprise soared by 19%
For the first 9 months of 2016, 1C has increased sales of 1C: Enterprise products to partners by 19% compared with the same period of 2015.
Our company "ICGROUP.AZ" received the status of Candidate in 1C: ERP Center
30 сентября 2016
Our company "ICGROUP.AZ" received the status of Candidate in 1C: ERP Center.
  "Candidate for 1C: ERP Center" is a partner of 1C, having the status of 1C: Candidate in the Competence Center for ERP solutions of 1C. This status means that the partner has basic ERP competencies solutions of 1C company (1C: Enterprise 8 specialists, ERP solutions professionals and experience in implementing software products on 1C: Enterprise 8 platform) and competence development obligations to 1C: ERP Center status. Partner with status 1C: Candidate to the ERP Center "has the right to make one-time or regular sales to clients of 1C ERP solutions based on the availability of that the successful implementation of previously acquired sets.

1C Partner Seminar, the first in Baku was covered by the ANS TV Company
18 декабря 2015
Automation software provider 1C held a seminar for franchising organizations and customer companies in Azerbaijan today. Companies participating in the seminar received information on 1C's new capabilities.
The first partner seminar 1C in Azerbaijan was held on December 18, 2015
18 декабря 2015
The main purpose of the workshop is to familiarize with 1C's software and make it more accessible, and provide 1C Franchisee with new information, including 1C: Sharing their experience in automation with enterprise system software, training and software of 1C product promotion and franchising business.

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