"Rostec" creates a megasystem of financial management and procurement at 1C

12.01.2017 "Rostec" creates a megasystem of financial management and procurement at 1C
Rostec is ready to spend more than half a billion on a unified management system for its financial and procurement activities. 1C is chosen as a platform.
  New AIS - on "1C"

Rostec is going to create its automated financial and procurement management system based on the standard configuration tools of the 1C: Enterprise 8 software in the 1C: Holding Management configuration. The state corporation is ready to spend on this the   p545 million. The contractor will be selected to perform the relevant work in the framework of a tender, which is now being held in a tender format in electronic form.

As follows from the documents posted on the website of public procurement, the applicants for the contract were the company Krok and the Scientific and Production Center 1C, a 100% subsidiary of 1C. The price offer of Krok is  p538.8 million, 1C -  p480 million. The results of the Rostec competition are set to be announced on January 16, 2017  

System reach and boundaries

The press service of Rostec told CNews that now the state corporation uses several different systems to manage activities in the field of finance and procurement. “A unified automated system is currently being created that consolidates all data and will allow optimizing work processes,” the interlocutors noted. “It will also ensure maximum information security of all information.”.

In the technical specifications of the tender, it is stated that the unified system being created should include in Rostec the processes of management of financial flows and liquidity, management accounting and budgeting, management of contracts and procurement activities.

As can be understood from the tender documentation, the new system will complement one already existing and one created in the state corporation financial and accounting systems: “Single corporate treasury” and “Collection and consolidation of the financial plan of income and expenses.”

According to data from open sources, the first of them was created in 2014-2015. on the basis of the CFT-corporation solution of the Financial Technologies Center company (CFT). The second is to go into commercial operation in 2017. She   is building one of its subsidiaries "Rostec" - the company "RT-Inform", carrying out a project based on the domestic technological platform BarsUP.Designer of the company "Bars Group", part of the "National Center for Informatization" "Rostec".  

The scale of "Rostec"

The purpose of Rostec is to assist the development, production and export of high-tech industrial products by providing support on the domestic and foreign markets for Russian developers and manufacturers of high-tech industrial products.

The structure of the state corporation includes about 700 organizations of various legal forms, of which at present 18 holding companies are formed in the military-industrial complex and in civilian industries. Rostec’s organizations are located in 60 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and supply products to markets in more than 70 countries.
According to Contour.Focus, in 2015, the revenue of the organization amounted to  p957.0 million with a net profit of  p50.1 billion.

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