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1C: Accounting

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1C: Accounting 8 raises accounting automation to a qualitatively new level

  • 1C: Accounting 8 is a new version of a popular program for automating accounting and tax accounting in commercial organizations. It was created on the modern technological platform " 1C:Enterprise 8".

    The program has absorbed all the best that was implemented in previous versions, and the new ones that were created taking into account the experience of working together with numerous users and partners of 1C.

    "1C: Accounting 8" retains continuity with the most common accounting program "1C: Accounting 7.7". For users of "1C:Accounting 7.7", the transition to the new version of the program is automated. The book "Guide to the transition to 1C" has been released:Accounting 8", which describes in detail the method of data transfer, as well as preparation for the start of accounting in "1C: Accounting 8".

    Due to its functional capabilities, 1C:Accounting 8 allows you to keep records in the program for enterprises engaged in any type of commercial activity (trade, production, provision of services), applying any taxation system (OSN, USN, UTII, patent taxation system).

    With the help of "1C: Accounting 8", the work of not only the accounting department of the enterprise is automated, but also other services, for example, the sales department (statement of invoices for payment, invoices, invoices).

    "1C: Accounting 8" can be used in conjunction with other programs of the "1C" system:Enterprise 8": "Trade Management" and "Salary and Personnel Management".

    The interface of the managed application allows you to easily configure the program for the needs of a specific user, makes the work convenient and comfortable. It is possible to work in the program via the web client from any place (from the office, home, business trip, etc.).