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1C:Holding Management

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1C: Holding Management 8 is a comprehensive solution of the CPM class (Corporate Performance Management – holding performance management), designed to automate a wide range of tasks related to accounting, planning and monitoring the effectiveness of holdings of various scales.

The software product is designed for complex automation of management companies of holding companies and covers the main areas of management and fiscal accounting:

Budgeting and management reporting

Budget management of the company allows you to formulate business goals in measurable key indicators, plan activities in accordance with them, monitor resources during the implementation of plans and analyze the results achieved. In general, budget management helps to reduce systemic risks in the development of the company and the deterioration of the market situation by rationing resources and increasing the level of financial control in the company.

"1C:Consolidation 8 " is a universal solution for automating budget management functions both at the level of a holding company and a separate business unit.

The application solution has effective means of importing information from various accounting and management systems (including in MS Excel format), which reduces the complexity of input and increases confidence in the actual data.

Implemented remote access methods, such as a web interface, distributed information databases, allow you to organize geographically distributed data processing.

This significantly reduces the complexity of entering initial data and contributes to improving the quality of reporting.

Seamless integration with application solutions on the 1C platform:Enterprise 8" (including decoding up to the documents of management and accounting systems on the 1C platform:Enterprise " versions 7.7 and 8) allows you to combine various information systems into a single information space and reduce the load on the IT service.

The end business user has the opportunity to independently determine the list of necessary classifiers, analysts, indicators, develop budget models and reporting sets for various purposes.

Both planning paradigms "multidimensional tables" and "planning from a business operation"are supported.

During planning, the user has the opportunity to predict the dynamics of indicators, using various options for calculating, consolidating and distributing indicators, as well as the functions of "rolling planning" and "planning from what has been achieved", quickly form the necessary budgets. At the same time, it is possible to combine "bottom-up" and "top-down" planning methodologies and use the mechanism of automatic exclusion of intra-group turnover.

Support for multicurrency and multilingualism provides the necessary form of presentation of budgets and corporate reporting.

The developed functions for managing the organizational and financial structure of the group provide a convenient formation of a hierarchy of various (including overlapping) consolidation perimeters, which allows us to serve the necessary principles for allocating financial responsibility centers.

Process management tools allow you to regulate the budget process and distribute responsibility among its participants.

To coordinate budgets, the system allows you to use user-configurable routes of any complexity.

Automatic notification of interested employees about the progress of the approval process, the functions of commenting and version control of budgets ensure effective interaction in the planning process.

There is an opportunity from " 1C:Consolidation 8 " after completion of planning, automatically set limits on cash flow items in 1C:Management of a production enterprise 8". This allows you to control operations on budget expenditure items created in the 1C solution:Consolidation 8", when approving treasury applications in " 1C:Management of a production enterprise 8".

Thanks to the possibility of using a web client, the system allows you to reduce the time, improve the quality of planning and operational analysis of budget execution by including remote business units in the budget process.

The target segment of " 1C:Management of holding 8 " are groups of companies with full or partial centralization of financial management functions, whose management companies and business units are heterogeneous in terms of industry affiliation or operated IT systems.

Since the solution is " 1C:The management of the holding 8 " is focused on effective work in the heterogeneous landscapes of information systems typical for groups of companies, it has the following integration capabilities:

seamless integration with accounting and management systems on the 1C platform:Enterprise 8 " using a direct connection, including decryption to the document of the external accounting system;

integration with any external accounting systems using technologies such as web services and ADO;

management of master data (reference and centralized regulatory and reference information) of the group of companies;

in addition to the thin and web client " 1C:Management of holding 8 " includes add-on for Microsoft Excel – a special client that allows you to work with the data of the 1C information base for budgeting and analysis of management reports:Management of the holding 8", without leaving the office package familiar to many users;

the architecture of the software product allows you to combine with accounting configurations on the 1C platform with minimal effort:Enterprise " version 8.3.


Since the above deployment scenarios can be combined within a single information base, this allows you to use the most effective approaches to automating various business units at the moment or migrate between different scenarios without replacing the basic application solution.

Key competitive advantages of the 1C solution:Management of the holding company 8":

the most popular functions of management companies and financial services of business units of holdings are automated, while there is no redundant functionality for them related to the automation of operational activities (sales, procurement, production management);

in-depth study of accounting and reporting under IFRS;

high variability in approaches to budgeting and cost limiting;

minimum implementation time and total cost of ownership;

implementation of recommendations to the functional requirements for budgeting, treasury, accounting and reporting methods of IFRS, prepared by the international company EY (Ernst & Young), which provides audit and consulting services;

using the new features of the platform 8.3.

Synergy of the holding's further developed performance management tools with the recognized leader of accounting systems, new functionality for accounting for IFRS and project management, as well as the capabilities of version 8.3 of the 1C platform:The enterprise " allows you to effectively solve the problems of financial management in a complex IT landscape of a geographically distributed holding company

The "Holding Management" configuration was developed on version 8.3 of the 1C platform:The enterprise".