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Advice on the choice of software

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The line of products "1C:Enterprise " includes a large number of standard, specialized and industry-specific application solutions - with different functionality, designed to solve various tasks, with different conditions of support, licensing, etc.It is not easy to navigate independently in the full range of 1C solutions.

At the same time, an insufficiently thorough approach to the choice of software can lead to an inefficient investment of money and your time.

Free consultations of our company's specialists will help to avoid these problems and optimize the budget for automation.

We are ready to organize a professional consultation on the choice of software in any way convenient for you at a time convenient for you:
  • by phone
  • in the office of our company
  • in your office

You can send us request for the organization of a free consultation.

Our company provides a full range of services for the implementation of automation systems based on software products, using advanced operating technologies and accumulated experience in automation of small, medium and large businesses.

Our specialists will help you create the optimal package of automation services for your business and your tasks-taking into account not only the immediate requirements, but also the prospects for the development of your business.

We provide the following services:

For the prompt solution of current tasks (for example, urgent updating of the software configuration, ensuring uninterrupted operation, creating new forms or documents), our specialists are ready to provide one-time services.

Experience in implementing programs of the "1C" family:Enterprise 8 " shows that the optimal solution of business tasks of an enterprise requires an integrated approach: from defining the company's goals to optimizing management processes and building an information support system taking into account the specifics of the business.

Companies that are part of the partner network 1C: Consulting, within this direction, they implement an integrated approach that combines consulting in certain areas of management, accounting and taxation with services for automating management and accounting tasks based on the 1C family of programs:The enterprise".

Our company's specialists will also provide services for the delivery and installation of selected programs.

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