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Configuration and implementation

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If your company has a need to expand the functionality of a standard solution (special reports, documents are required, you use unique accounting organization schemes, etc.), our specialists are ready to carry out work on adapting (configuring) the configuration with its subsequent implementation, which include:

  • a detailed survey to determine the extent of the need to adjust (clarification of how to work with those, or other objects, description of new books, documents, reports, diagrams transactions)
  • the formation of the description of challenges and list of works (technical specifications) in accordance with the findings of a detailed survey, evaluation time and cost of these works
  • coding and testing the software configuration and mandatory testing the functionality and performance of the new system
  • Implementation of corporate information systems on the 1C platform:Enterprise 8
  • preparation of a "User's Guide" for working with an adapted system, containing a description of changes in the program and the procedure for working with it.

The cost of these works is determined based on the generated list of works, deadlines and other requirements of the client.

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