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The program of the introductory training course for beginners in "1C Accounting"

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Lesson 1: Purchase, Revenue from goods and services, Withdrawal from the Current Account in the Bank, Order of the Treasury on the payment of funds

Lesson 2: Sales, Sale of goods and services, Receipts to the Current account with the Bank, Order of the Treasury on the payment of funds

Lesson 3: Cash machine, Issuance of an order for expenses to the owner of the account, Advance report

Lesson 4: Warehouse, Inventory of goods, Moving goods

Lesson 5: Main resource, AV income, AV registration

Lesson 6: Staff Recruitment, Staff turnover at the enterprise, Dismissal

Lesson 7: The salary Calculation of wages of employees, Statement of wages; Transfer of wages

Lesson 8: Repetition of lessons learned

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