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Trade Management Course

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Lesson 1. Settings (NSI administration). Adding an organization, contractors, items.
Lesson 2. Order to the supplier, Purchase. Report on goods in warehouses, Report on debts to suppliers.
Lesson 3. Receipt of services. Receipt of additional expenses. Receipt Import. Parallel analysis of reports on goods and on debts.
Lesson 4. Buyers order. Sale of goods Report on goods in warehouses. Accounts receivable from buyers.
Lesson 5. Setting item prices. Application of set prices for sale.
Lesson 6. Recalculations of goods in warehouses. Write-off and posting.
Lesson 7. Payment of debts. Cashless and cash payments
Lesson 8. Advance reports.
Lesson 9. Closing of the month. Analysis of reports. Repetition of topics
Lesson 10. Repetition of topics.

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